Bilingual Class

Bilingual Class for Children and Adults
Chinese Language is one of the most spoken languages in today’s Fast Pace Changing World today. Learning Chinese is a Fun and Entertaining experience for you and your family. We welcome everyone from the age of 5 and up to join us at the American Chinese School.
Starting from September (Fall) 2008, the American Chinese School will offer Bilingual Class for both children and Adults. This classes are specially designed for students who speaks English at home but want to learn Chinese.
The goal of the these Chinese Classes will be to introduce the Chinese language and help students to master basic Chinese conversational skills. It will teach Chinese to those who are non-native speakers of Chinese. The classes will focus on spoken Chinese, but will also have a character recognition and writing component. Teachers will instruct using both English and Chinese in Class.
A romanization system known as Pinyin will be used to teach pronunciation and character recognition. The classes will emphasize proper tonal pronunciation, a particularly important aspect of the Chinese language. In addition, Chinese characters will be taught using simplified Chinese characters, known as jian ti zi. Approximately 200 characters will be taught for the first year.
There will be a textbook and workbook for the class as well as assigned homework.
For more information about the Bilingual Class for children and adults, please contact Dr. He Huang at